Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some Food for Thought

Here are a couple of the headlines going on in the world of entertainment today.

Janet Jackson has revealed that she will continue to reveal her body until she's eighty years old. What, isn't that what she got in trouble for at the Super Bowl?

Paris Hilton is going to be released in Hello Kitty form. The popular Japanese doll company has said that it will model one of its dolls after Paris. The odd thing is, that I.Q.'s of Paris and the doll are actually quantitatively close.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have said that they will be releasing pictures of their little daughter, Suri, very shortly. This comes after keeping the child far from the public eye, and even from some of their friends' eyes, for several months. I know that I, for one, cannot wait to see this child. In fact, I was very excited the other day when I thought that I had seen it in a stroller when I realized that EVERY STINKING BABY LOOKS ABOUT THE SAME!

And finally,

Dennis Miller has announced that he will be taking a position for Fox News. With his addition, be careful tuning in the Fox News, because your tv really will fall of the right hand side of your entertainment center just as soon as it reaches that channel.

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